Yunfei Du

Professor and Associate Dean of Academics

Office: Discovery Park 296P
Office hours: By appointment
Phone: (940) 369-8093
Fax: (940) 565-3101

UNT Faculty Profile

Dr. Yunfei Du earned his BS in Geography Education and BA in Library Science in China, MLS and PhD in interdeciplinary information science from University of North Texas. Previously he served as an university system librarian in China and a faculty member at Wayne State University.

Fields of Interest

Dr. Du's research theme is cross-cultural information studies. His research topics include human information behavior, distance learning, learning styles, social computing, and community outreach..  

Course Syllabi/Textbooks

SLIS 5750 Managing Library Automation Projects (Summer II, 2015) (Listed as "AUTOMATION")

SLIS 5040 Human Information Behavior (Spring, 2015)

SLIS 5330 Academic Libraries (Fall, 2015)

SLIS 4600/5600 Introduction to Information Access and Retrieval (Spring, 2015)

Selected Refereed Articles

·   Du, Y. (2016). Small Libraries, Big Impact: How to Serve Your Community in the Digital Age. ABC/Clio (Libraries Unlimited).

·   Du, Y. (2015). Information Use and Barriers in Mobile-based Distance Learning. Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning, 9(3), 204-220 .

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·    Du, Y. (2004). The relationship between studentsí computer competency and perception of enjoyment and difficulty level in Web-based distance learning. Education Libraries, 27(2), 5-12.

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·    Simpson, C., & Du, Y. (2004). Effects of learning styles and class participation on students' enjoyment level in distributed learning environments. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science , 45(2), 123-136.

Selected Presentations

·    Du, Y., & Stein, B. (2008). Electronic Media and Leisure Time Reading: Responses of School Librarians. IASL 2008 Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA, August 3-7, 2008. (Refereed).

·     Du, Y. (2008). Effects of Age and Income Level on Online Reading: A Survey of Library Users in Poorer Communities. Paper presented at ALISE Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA, January 8-11, 2008 (Refereed).

·     Du, Y. (2007). Personalized eHealth Information System: A Preliminary Report on Older Adults’ Usage. 24th Human-Computer Interaction Lab Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, June 1, 2007 (Invited).

·    Du, Y., Heinrichs, J., Anghelescu, H., and Utz, J. (2007). Applying Experiential Learning Theory in Distance Education: A Case Study from Wayne State University. Paper presented at ALISE Annual Conference. Seattle, WA, January 15-19, 2007 (Refereed).

·    Du, Y. (2006). Measuring and Validating Librariansí Perception on the Effects of Digital Media to Leisure-time Reading. A works-in-progress poster presented at ALISE Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX, January 12-14, 2005 (Refereed).

·    Du, Y., & Ren, M. (2005). LIS Recruitment Status and Its Implication to Education. Paper presented at Association of Library and Information Education Annual Conference, 2005. Boston, MA, January 11-15, 2005 (Refereed).

·    Du, Y. (2004). Building Open Source Databases for Online Course Content. Paper presented at the 4th Annual Lilly Teaching and Learning Conference. Traverse City, MI, September 24-26, 2004 (Refereed).

·    Martin, B. & Du, Y. (2004). Value Added: Create Your Own Interactive Database in Online Courses. Information Today's Computers in Libraries 2004, March 10-12, Washington DC (Refereed).      

Grants and Funded Research Projects

·     Promoting & Enhancing the Advancement of Rural Libraries (PEARL, 2010 - 2013) (PI for the project, with Herman Totten as Project Director). Robert and Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust, awarded $1,599,222.

·    Cognitive Styles and User Acceptance at Virtual Library Communities: A "Second Life" Experience (2008). (PI). University of North Texas Summer Research Grant, awarded $5,000.

·    Development of Instant Messenger-enhanced Online Classes (2006). (PI). Wayne State Innovative Technology Grant. Awarded $5,000.

·    Reading at Risk: A Follow-up Study (2005). (PI). awarded $6,040. This project was supported by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts (

·    Reducing Health Disparities Through Personalized E-Technology: Impacts and Effects of eHealthSmart Program on Urban Adult Populations (2005-2007). With Jeseph Tan (PI), Linda Weglicki (Co-PI), Jennifer Mendez (Co-PI), et al., Wayne State University Research Enhancement Grant, awarded April 2005 ($251,000).

Academic Services

Faculty Senate, University of North Texas, 2010 - 2013. Faculty Senate, University of North Texas, 2010 - 2013.

American Society for Information Science & Technology, SIG International Information Issues, Chair, 2007-2008; and Chair, International Paper Contest 2003-2004.

Association of Library and Information Science Education, member.

Association of College and Research Libraries, member, Research Committee, 2008-2009.

 Texas Library Association, Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee, Vice-chair, 2008 - 2009.