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The master's program in information science provides a challenging and visionary offering of courses. Both the blended and online courses offer students the opportunity to network with their peers. Course offerings for each semester can be found by visiting the UNT-LIS Web site at


For the master's degree, students are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours; an Internship/Field Experience for 3 additional credit hours; and an end-of-program examination.  



Required Core Courses (9 credit hours)


SLIS 5000 Information and Knowledge Professions

History, roles and scope of the information and knowledge professions. Basic concepts and issues including impact of information technology on the individual, intellectual freedom, privacy and diversity. Legal and ethical aspects of managing information and knowledge organizations. Course activities emphasize team building and leadership skills.

SLIS 5200 Information Organization

Principles, concepts and practices of information organization and presentation. Concepts and problems of human information behavior, classification and categorization related to information organization. Database technology, structure and design. Standards for information organization, data representation and information exchange. Systems for organizing information and facilitating information access in various information use environments.

SLIS 5600 Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry

Epistemological foundations of information use. Basic principles and techniques of information access and knowledge inquiry. Survey of research in information seeking behavior and user interaction. Introduction to systems of access, search, retrieval, and navigation, as well as reference collection management and services. Study of evaluation methods for resources in all formats, services and user satisfaction.

Health Informatics Courses (Select 12 credit hours)


Note: All the courses listed below are taught online.


SLIS 5365 Health Sciences Information Management

Provides an introduction to health sciences libraries and information centers. Topics include: characteristics of health information services, organization and management of collections, facilities, users and user services, the role of information technology, and professional activities of health information management specialists, including the growing interest in evidence-based practice.

(Offered in Fall semester.)

SLIS 5637 Medical Informatics  

Details the history of medical information including biomedical communication.  Studies the types of information resources and services related to the transfer of information in the health sciences and integral computer applications to health sciences libraries including the organizational structure of medical knowledge.  Familiarizes students with the concept of information management and the application of information technology to health care.  Analyzes current issues in the health care field and the relationship to health sciences libraries and information centers.

(Offered in Spring semester.) 

SLIS 5960 Genomics and Translational Medicine for Information Professionals

Explores basic concepts of genomics and translational medicine and the role that information professionals have to play in providing genomic information to researchers, clinicians, and the lay public.

(Offered in Summer semester.)

SLIS 5670 Disaster Management for Information Professionals

Provides students with the basic skills to create a disaster plan for a library serving information needs related to disasters/emergencies for first responders, clinicians, victims, public health professionals, and the public and to develop an outreach program to reach these populations.

(Offered in Summer semester.)

SLIS 5960 Community Based Health Information

Designed for public, school, academic, and medical library students that are interested in health information, focusing on serving the health information needs of the community. Provides the knowledge required to plan for services and programs related to health information.  Explores public health issues as they relate to libraries providing community-based health information services. 

(Offered in Summer semester.)

SLIS 5960 Medical Digital Imaging

Focuses on two critical medical informatics standards, DICOM and HL7, used for exchanging relevant information such as patient demographics, orders, laboratory tests, and diagnostic images. Demonstrations of actual transactions using software that can simulate patient registrations, image exchange, etc.  Explores the role of health information professionals in the management of digital medical images. Site visits are arranged in order to witness the functionality of these standards in real world situations. Various guest speakers from the healthcare industry provide their perspective as well.

(Offered in every other Summer semester.)


Guided Electives (15 credit hours)

The students in collaboration with their advisor select 15 additional hours of elective credit.  These courses will be tailored to meet the student's career interests.  Up to 6 hours may be taken in the UNT School of Public Health with the consent of the advisor and instructor.

Internship/Field Experience


Students can obtain their internship/field experience from a wide range of potential sites, including academic health sciences centers, hospitals, health associations, consumer health libraries, biomedical companies, among others.  Opportunities may exist in other health-related environments and may be tailored to the student's career interests. 


For more information about the internship/field experience, visit



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