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About the Program


Dr. Ana D. Cleveland

Regents Professor and Director,

Health Informatics Program

"The first wealth is health." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thank you for your interest in the Health Informatics Program, and it is one of the Programs of Study at our Department of Library and Information Sciences, part of the Department's 36 credit hour Masters of Science in Information Science degree. 


U.S. News & World Report ranks the program as #6 in the nation.  

The conceptual components of the program include the design, integration, implementation, evaluation, and management of health-related information systems, clinical information systems, community-based information systems, telemedicine, evaluation methods in medical informatics, Internet-based medical information retrieval, information resource management, among others.


Graduates of the Health Informatics Program of Study will have a solid foundation in information science, the nature of medical information, and supportive technology.  We are committed to preparing health information professionals for the rapid advances in health care. 


Courses are taught to fit the student's lifestyle by being offered in blended and online formats. We have an outstanding distance learning program, and many students earn their master's degree this way. 


The Health Informatics Program has enjoyed funding from government agencies, the private sector, and the university, which provides financial opportunities for students. Another outstanding feature of our program is the network of professionals who support our program and our students. This provides many internship and career opportunities.


You are invited to explore the other areas of this site to learn more about the Health Informatics Program.


About the Profession


Health information professionals are key members of any dynamic support team for health care. Throughout all the procedures and processes of health care, the entire system (doctors, nurses, technicians, social workers, allied health professionals, insurance providers, consumers, and of course, the patient and the family) depend on fast and accurate information.

The organization, access, and delivery of information at the point of care is the driving force in health informatics and lies at the heart of the health information profession.

In today's society, the need for health information professionals is unparalleled.  Not only is health information used in the traditional health care environments, but it is also expanding due to consumer and public health needs and scientific research agendas.  Consumer and public health issues warrant the need for accurate health information.  Scientific research agendas focused on genomic information has increased the demand for bioinformatics professionals.  There are many avenues for health information professionals to explore, and this is an exciting time for our field.


For over two decades, the Department of Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas has been educating for the health informatics profession.


About the University

The University of North Texas (UNT) is the fourth-largest university in Texas with more than 35,000 students.  It also has more computers per student than any university in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Denton Campus is the flagship university of the UNT System, which includes the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth and UNT Dallas. UNT offers 97 bachelor's, 82 master's and 35 doctoral degree programs, and many are nationally recognized. UNT has an excellent library system and Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR) to support the needs of students both on and off campus. UNT also established a 300-acre Discovery Park, located north of the main campus.



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Health Informatics Program

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