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The diversity of the faculty teaching in the Health Informatics Program produces a wide range of research. 


 Examples of Current Research Initiatives

  • Web-based clinical information

  • Organization of medical digital images

  • Information-seeking behavior of health care providers

  • Health information seeking in public libraries with a focus on the Hispanic population

  • Study of alternative methods for training health information professionals as well as clinical personnel

  • Emerging technologies in medical libraries, including mobile

  • Bibliometric of the translational science literature

Research Partnerships

The Health Informatics Program is affiliated with the following research groups:


Clinical Digital Libraries Project









The Clinical Digital Libraries Project was established  as a research, teaching, and service effort led by the University of North Texas and the University of Alabama Schools of Library and Information Sciences.  The development of the CDLP started with a grant from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) through the Department of Family Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. 

The purpose of the CDLP is to create a clinical digital library model that provides clinical and patient information, in a standardized, Web-based format, at the point of care. 


Recruitment and Education of Biomedical Sciences Information Professionals

Texas A&M University - Medical Sciences Library


University of North Texas-Department of Library and Information Sciences

The Texas A&M University (TAMU) Medical Sciences Library and the University of North Texas (UNT) School of Library and Information Sciences, received a three-year grant ($401,000) from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to develop an innovative recruitment and teaching model designed to educate biomedical sciences information professionals for the 21st century.  The principal investigators of the grant are Drs. Ana D. Cleveland and Philip M. Turner from UNT-SLIS and Martha Bedard and Dr. Gale G. Hannigan from TAMU Medical Sciences Library and .  Ms. Bedard is a member of the SLIS Board of Advisors, and Dr. Hannigan has served as an adjunct faculty for the Health Informatics Program for the last four years. 

Texas Center for Digital Knowledge 

The Texas Center for Digital Knowledge is a research, development and consulting service enterprise that brings together top researchers in information science, criminal justice, business information systems, and technology and cognition to provide a collaborative framework for enhancing the relationships between individual knowledge workers and the technology-based environments in which they work to advance today's global economy.

Medical Digital Imaging Team 

MDIT is associated with the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge. The objectives are to develop expertise in medical digital imaging; provide a challenging and rewarding learning opportunity for students; and facilitate commercial opportunities in order to implement healthcare solutions. MDIT has a partnership with OTech Inc. 

Health Information Outreach to the Chinese Population in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex


The project, funded by the National Library of Medicine, focused on teaching Chinese health consumers how to find quality health information on the Internet.  A bilingual (Chinese/English) diabetes health information pathfinder was created.  The project was in partnership with the Gibson D. Lewis Library and four public library systems: Denton Public Library, Fort Worth Public Library, Dallas Public Library, and Richardson Public Library.


Department of Family Medicine

UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth

The Department of Family Medicine works in collaboration with the Health Informatics Program to provide medical informatics training for the faculty and residents of the Department.  In addition, the Health Informatics Program has conducted information-seeking behavior studies of primary health care providers with the help of the Department.

Irving Public Library System

The Irving Public Library System (Central and North Lake Community Libraries) is conducting a survey of the health information needs of its Hispanic population in collaboration with the Health Informatics Program. 


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