The goal of this course is to teach you how to discover the function of problem behavior occurring in public school classrooms, using direct observation to obtain baseline data, then conducting a functional analysis to determine the function (or consequence) that evokes and maintains that problem behavior. Next, we design and implement effective interventions based on the outcome of the functional analysis. You will be observing behavior--via movies--depicting an example of problematic classroom behavior that prompts the classroom teacher to request behavior analytic services. The course is divided into 4 modules (weeks). Students should plan to spend about 3-5 hrs a week on the coursework (more for some students, less for others).


Readings 3 Journal articles and BATSS Workshop handouts. Available on web page.
Movies View Functional Analyses demonstrations and record data based on direct observations. Available on the course web page.
Reviews (2/module) Multiple-choice and fill-in-blank questions based on readings and movies. Do activity on "course menu."
Tests Multiple-choice questions based on readings and movies. Do on "course menu."
Report Write parts of a final Functional Analysis report (given a scenario, describe FA results and data-based problem-behavior intervention, providing rationale for recommendations to school teacher.

Click here for course Syllabus.