Some Quotes from Our Students  

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at UNT for providing such a terrific learning experience.  This was my first distance learning experience and it was great!”  

“The fact that it felt like a game 90% of the time made it almost an addiction for awhile to learn and master the next activity.”  

“I wish I had taken this course or read this book three years ago.  It is already helping me greatly to more clearly explain therapy to my children’s therapist.”  

“This is the best opportunity I have found where I am able to learn and work at the same time in applying my knowledge to benefit the clients.”  

“Thank you so much for your support.  I absolutely loved the unit and have been telling all my friends about the course so you may have more interest from Tasmania soon!”  

“Thanks for putting this course together.  I would not have the opportunity to do something like this except over the Internet and it was very worthwhile.”  

“You did a fantastic job in setting up and running this course.”  

“I have loved taking this course... I think the course and book were well set up and I feel I gained a lot of valuable information.”  

“Thank you for your prompt midway through the course to continue immediately.  It is motivating to know that professors at large universities are invested in students’ progress, even over the net.”  

“I am a teacher for a preschool aged class ... I learned so much and eagerly await the next 3 courses.”  

“I did implement so many of the concepts in my ABA classroom... It was easy to extend the concepts to teaching situations (and parent situations!)”  

“It was a wonderful course and all the reading & activities were structured in such a way that I had to learn the material.  It would have been hard to miss the most important points.”  

“This course is perfect for anyone new into the Behavior Analysis field.  It is very beneficial for anyone.”  

“In Australia the study of Behavior Principles is limited and it is great that your university is able to offer us a chance to learn them in great detail.”

“This course is one of the best on-line courses I have taken to date.  Very well organized and user friendly.”  

"I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. It required quite a bit of work, but I found it worthwhile."  

"Thank you both for responding so quickly. I'm going to miss this course--it's been excellent."  

"Yay!!!! Thanks so much! I switched my major to Behavior Analysis this semester..."  

"Thank you for responding so quickly to my questions--this time and all the other times. I loved the course."  

"I enjoyed the course immensely and I wish every course could be programmed instruction. It was reassuring and satisfying to know that unfamiliar material would be thoroughly learned by the end of each module."  

"I don't believe I have ever invested as much time and effort in a course as this one but I don't think I ever learned as much either. I have been finding it very useful at my job and look forward to the next course."  

"Thanks for the course and all your assistance with it. I will definitely sign up again because ABA has been so effective with my son."  

"Thank you so much for the grade notification. I do look forward to the next course; the first was very enjoyable."  

"Thanks Doc! I enjoyed the course and look forward to the next section."  

"Personally I'd certainly pay another $30 - $50 for the "review" CD to be able to do the (wonderful) work again, over and over."  

"I took your internet class on Behavior Analysis this spring and I loved it. I've been doing some soul searching and I am very interested in a Master's degree in Behavior Analysis."

"I greatly enjoyed the Sidman video. I was terrific to see such a legend, and the video is the next best thing to live. Having completed the first 3 courses in the sequence, I believe I have greatly improved in my ability to critically read behavior analytic research." - 2008

"I enjoyed this course very much as I have the others before it. I really felt what it would be like to design an intervention and carry it out from beginning to end...I appreciated getting to read seminal works by Skinner and Sidman and felt like I was getting an important history lesson about the field as well as conceptual knowledge. I am looking forward to the next course!" - 2008

"Initially I thought that this course would be much too easy, as several other of the many online courses I have taken have been...As I began, however, I saw more and more how useful the instructions were in helping me structure my learning all semester, and how awesome this 'simplistic' method is for teaching, particularly for this kind of material, and particularly for the online format! It truely is using the principles of behavior analysis to teach behavior analysis. Brilliant! I loved this class and look forward to taking the next in the series." - 2008

"I really liked the way the book and course were set up. If you did the activities you learned the material. I have taken another course online from another dept. and learned so much more information from this one! I enjoyed learning the information and doing the activities. I can't wait for the next class...I changed the way I think about teaching as a result of this class...Thank you very much for offering this course!" - 2008

"Overall the best course I've ever taken!" 2011

"My first choice for learning would not be distance learning, but when it's the only choice, UNT will be highly recommended by me." 2011

"This course was amazing and the knowledge I gained will be so useful in my work with students in the public school system." 2011