BACB Academic Requirements for BCBA and BCaBA Exams Covered by UNT BEHV Online Courses:

Click on the links below to see a description of the number of hours the UNT Behv Online courses fulfill for each of the BCBA/BCaBA academic requirement areas. Refer to the official BACB web page for any further information about BCBA/BCaBA requirements and task areas. If there are any discrepancies between this listing and the official BACB description, follow the BACB listing. If you took one or more of your courses to fulfill BCBA/BCaBA academic requirements from a different educational institution, it is your responsibility to determine which requirements those courses meet and which of our online courses you will need to take to meet the BCBA/BCaBA academic requirements. If you have any questions about the BACB academic requirements, contact the BACB by email at

BCBA Exam Academic Requirements covered by UNT Behv Online courses   BCaBA Exam Academic Requirements covered by UNT Behv Online courses

Mentored supervision: The Department of Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas offers the online courses to fulfill BACB academic requirements. This department does not offer the mentored supervision component of the BACB certification program, nor can we refer you to any specific person or place. You might find it helpful to read all the information on the BACB web site, and to review information on the ABAI web site as well as on the web site of the regional ABAI chapter in your area.

Scheduling of UNT Behv Online courses for BCBA/BCaBA exam requirements: As you plan your schedule for taking courses, be aware that the application for the BCBA/BCaBA exams is due approximating 2 months before the exam date (check BACB web site for exact dates) and you are required to submit an official university transcript or copies of your official documentation of course mastery with your application. If you are taking these courses for university credit, contact the University of North Texas Registrar at 940-565-2378 to obtain your official transcript, after the end of the semester in which you take your last course The Registrar will not issue transcripts before the end of the semester. If you enrolled for these courses through the Department of Behavior Analysis, you will receive documentation of course mastery at the end of the semester for each course you take. Please plan your BCBA/BCaBA exam schedule accordingly.

For information about the BACB certification process, go to web page: