Plano, TX


I was an Air Force brat, so for quite a while we moved about every two years.  This was hard on friendships, but it gave me a great amount of material for stories that would help me make new friends.  After my dad retired, we settled in New Braunfels Texas.  For the next ten years we lived on a small farm about five miles out of town.  I then went into the Air Force during the Vietnam War.  During my time in the military I worked on ground radar, during a time that we were changing from tube type circuits to solid state circuits.  I also traveled quite a bit during this time.  After I got out of the service I started my own business and went to college at night.  I finally received my teaching certificate and taught Senior English at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas.  I am married and have four children—two girls and two boys. My wife and I both love to travel and enjoy traveling to the UK, Ireland, and Western Europe, which also gives me many stories. 


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

Bachelor of Arts in Literature and History
University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, Texas
Double major in Literature and History


From an early age I learned to tell stories.  I was the oldest child on both sides of the family, so it was my job to look after all of my sisters and cousins.  On days that I could not corral them outside, I would tell them stories inside.  My grandfather was from Irish stock and I learned many stories from him about Ireland and the “little people.”  I believe that he must have kissed the Blarney stone, and some of it trickled down to me.  My storytelling came in handy as a teacher, and after retiring I have been telling stories and donating my services at my wife’s library in South Dallas.  I get to practice my craft each year with her elementary students.  I collect Celtic, Native American, Teutonic, and Asian stories primarily, but I am also a writer, and I have had some poetry published.  I am in the process of learning to play the guitar and the Bodhran—an Irish drum.  I hope to incorporate them in to my stories at a later date.  I am currently at work on a novel based on Celtic folktales. 


 Many years ago, I rode bulls and bareback, broke horses, and worked for many of the farmers in my area of New Braunfels.  This gave me a rich tapestry of tales about things that can and do happen on farms and ranches.  There were also many urban legends and horror stories in this little German and Polish town.  There where tales of Goat boy and the lady in white who died on her wedding day and still resides in her marriage house.  I have worked in a cotton mill, as a lifeguard, ranch hand, fisherman, electronic and computer technician, English teacher, and as a technology specialist.  Each job gave me many tales, which my family can attest to.  My wife and I also love plays and musicals.  I have also acted in a couple of plays at the Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa, Texas.  One of the plays was a recognized rendition of a Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare.  I played Egeus, the father who would not let his daughter marry the man she loved.  My daughter said that I had been typecast from real life.