San Juan, TX


My life is shared with all my family.  I have a husband of 13 years a daughter, and a son.  Through marriage I gained a stepson and a stepdaughter.  Around six oíclock in the afternoon you can find me with my most of my four sisters and my mother in my motherís living room catching up on the day.    I am a teacher with 14 years experience in early childhood.  I am also a grad student with the University of North Texas.  With all of this in my life, one could only imagine the memories I have stored. 


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

Graduate of PSJA High School
Graduate of the University of Texas Pan American


I believe storytelling has been genetically shared into my body from my fatherís side of the family.  All of my aunts and uncles love being the center of attention.  My father and one of my uncles have passed, however their legacy of true story tellers as well as jokesters has out lived them in the most loving way.  I, myself enjoy telling stories to my children and as well as my students.  I have found them to be my best audience as well as my greatest characters in my memories.  It has not been until I started taking story telling classes through UNT that I have started writing some down.  With any luck some could be some day shared amongst many people through performances or even a childrenís book.


 Besides stories, I enjoy reading and collecting childrenís books.  I enjoy reading to my children and students.   Viewing the expressions on their faces when they are enjoying the characters and the story lines are like no other, except when one is storytelling.  An other enjoyment is dancing.  It is a pity I canít dance the way I use to when I was young.  So to compensate I teach a group of 19 fifth graders after school.  They make me feel like I can dance again.