Las Vegas, NV


I am originally from a small town on the central coast of California. Eventually I moved to the beautiful state of Montana and stayed for nearly a decade. I would have lived in Montana forever, but I traded glaciers for the spectacular neon lights of southern Nevada. I am presently a 2nd grade teacher in Las Vegas.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

 B.A. Education
Minor Spanish
University of Montana, MT


My love for storytelling has grown through my experiences as a mother, an educator, and a student. While attending the University of Montana, I did a research project on “alternative” methods of education. As I examined different pedagogical theories, I was particularly drawn to Rudolph Steiner’s Waldorf Schools, because literacy and language acquisition is developed through songs and poetry. I appreciate the strong belief that a child’s educational experiences and successes can be enriched through the art of music and storytelling.

While attending the University of North Texas, I wanted to enrich my own educational experiences and I wanted to acquire knowledge about how to do the same for my 2nd graders.  Elizabeth Figa’s storytelling classes have been an inspiration toward my development as a storyteller and an elementary school teacher. I am particularly interested in the oral traditions of storytelling, especially as it pertains to the different ethnic cultures represented by my students. I am also interested in digital storytelling and I would like to incorporate Virtual Storytelling Environments with assistive technologies in my classroom.

My favorite stories to tell have yet to be told, but I’m sure they will involve a bit of silliness and poetry.


I am a devoted collector of children’s books with a special interest in Cinderella stories from around the world.  I love anything that makes me laugh and I adore the simple things in life—fine perfume, Spanish films, seasonal ballet tickets, and French soaps come to mind. If I won the lottery I would do exactly what I am doing now. I am a dreamer…a mother…a teacher…a storyteller.