Nampa, ID


I am a native Idahoan but consider myself a Pacific Northwesterner as I spent equal parts of my childhood in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  I have a great support and source of inspiration in my wife, Marie, a teacher, and our young boys, Danner and Garrison.  I am on the faculty of Northwest Nazarene University where I serve as the User Services Librarian in the John E. Riley Library.   I devote a lot of time to developing new services for the library so that it is a welcoming, useful and special place.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas
B.A. Philosophy
Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho

Graduate studies in theology
Drew University Theological School, Madison, New Jersey


I started talking early and never learned to quit the gift of gab.  From an early age I could always be counted on to have a silly story, joke or never-ending version of a favorite song to share with family or complete strangers.  I continued my interest in stories and storytelling during my undergraduate studies by participating in theatrical productions and drama groups.  A readers theater group I performed with my senior year hooked me for good.  As a graduate student in library science at the University of North Texas I took classes in storytelling and pursued my interest in refining my skills as a storyteller.

I specialize in stories in the areas of:

  • Idaho History

  • The Pacific Northwest

  • The Oregon Trail

I am an accidental storyteller and writer Ė it is something that chose me.  Stories that catch me and hold me are those about things that are so odd, mundane or pedestrian that they weave tales so ordinary as to be compelling. 


I collect other things besides stories.  Out of college my wife and I started collecting old Christmas tree bulbs, old tools, and any and all items having to do with coffee.  I also collect pop culture items related to anime and cartoons in general. 

I have hiked over 750 miles of trails in the Pacific Northwest and spent over 150 nights out in the wilderness.   Storytelling reminds me of long evenings spent around the campfire just below timberline on any one of a number of outings.  A story is like a trail winding up and out of sight into undiscovered territory.  And storytelling is an adventure.  Letís boot up and pack out!