Plano, TX


I am a born and raised Cajun/Creole from New Orleans, Louisiana who lived the majority of my life in New Orleans until I was transplanted 10 years ago to Plano, TX.  I’ve been married for 27 years to my fifth cousin, Mike, and have three grown children, ages 22, 23, and 24.  My daughter Amy is married to Army Sergeant Adam Webber, and they’ve given me two beautiful grandchildren named Makayla (Macaroni) and Adam Blake II (Cheese-It).  Amy and Adam live too far away from grandma and are in Colorado.  My sons Ryan and Keith live in Plano, TX, attend college, and work very hard at independent living.  I am currently a Youth Librarian at a Dallas, Texas public library branch.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

M.Ed. Counselor Education (Licensed Professional Counselor)
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

BA. English
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana


Storytelling is in my blood. Both my husband and I grew up in Cajun French families and have heard stories, legends, jokes, songs, and superstitions (continuously!) from our extended and large families.  A typical Sunday in my family would be gathering around the elders while they told story after story for hours.  Stories were so commonplace that a person could never tell whether the elders were saying the truth or “tellin’ stories.”  (Even tho’ dey tole’ us dey never lie). Folk tales, songs, laughter, jokes, and “passin’ a good time” with the family was my world until I went off to college in San Antonio.  Serious culture shock!  When I returned to Louisiana to raise my children, the stories and oral tradition continued on.  My children gained the rich culture of the Acadian French as my husband and I had.   Through stories, food, traditions, and family ties, our heritage lives on. 

 “The Cajuns” -  we are a proud and enduring people.  Our stories are generations old.  My hope is to continue to tell the stories of my family, write and (hopefully) publish them, and pass them down to future generations.  I love being part of the Cajun culture and hope to do my part in continuing on the wonderful tradition of Cajun storytelling.


 I am an avid freak about life.  People who know me are used to seeing me walk around with puppets, talking to inanimate objects, singing silly songs to myself, or telling a witty joke.  I’m disgustingly positive; firmly believe that things happen for a reason; and (try) to see the best in everyone.   My sense of humor has been my salvation in life. 

I am also a collector.  I collect stories, jokes, frogs, alligators, photographs, little fuzzy things (that I might use some day), cats (I have 7), rabbits (I have 2), and adopted children (they just don’t seem to ever go home). I love to garden, draw, write, and scrapbook (I have 14 books for my 4 year old granddaughter). 

Someday (when I grow up) I’m going to be a famous Cajun folk tale writer and storyteller, who lives on a space station on the planet Jupiter. 

...................  It could happen.