Mesquite, Texas


I am a third grade teacher by profession, and a fourth generation teacher at that!  My great-grandfather would pick up his students in his horse-drawn surrey on his way to the one room schoolhouse.  My grandmother began teaching at the age of eighteen, and both of my parents are educators in the community in which I grew up.  Teaching is the family profession, so to speak!  I love stories of all kinds, especially fractured fairy tales.  I grew up watching Fairy Tale Theater, and have begun collecting the tapes of the show.  My favorite was The Dancing Princesses.

I enjoy spending time with my family, working with my dogs, working out, and writing children’s stories.  I have been in school at one level or another since I was four years old, and am really looking forward to the coming summer when I will not be enrolled in a school of some sort for the first time in twenty years!  I will, however, be preparing for my new position as a librarian in the elementary school where I am currently teaching.


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Sciences
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

Graduate Academic Certificate In Youth Services in Libraries and Information Settings
University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

School Library Certification
University of North Texas         2003

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies
Texas A&M – Commerce        2002


I became interested in formal storytelling during my course work in Library Science.  After taking the first course in storytelling, I was hooked!  That led to taking advanced storytelling.  It all seemed to be a very natural progression for me, having come from a long line of storytellers. 

My family would always gather around the dinner table, settle down in the den, sit around on the patio, lounge around the fireplace, etc., and swap stories.  My sister and I were raised on telling stories.  Formal storytelling was just the next step in an activity that I already loved.

Children’s stories have always been among my favorite stories.  In addition, I love the type of story that makes you say, “Oh, how sweet!” at the end.  Any story with a dog will appeal to me (I have been accused of collecting dogs as well as collecting stories), and as I have already said, I especially like the fractured fairy tales.  I have even written my own version for our UNT story festival, Snoozin’ Beauty, my wild west version of Sleeping Beauty.


Somewhere, out there, it is written that I am a sucker for dogs.  The lost and homeless seem to find me no matter what I do.  My family and I have taken in a number of rescues and made them a part of the household.  Our canine family ranges from the sixteen year old poodle to the three year old cattle dog, with terriers in between.  So I think it is obvious where my interest in dog stories comes from.  In fact, I’ve written several children’s stories (unpublished) about our little group – and they are a natural for my storytelling activities!