Eddy, Texas


I was born and raised all over Texas and currently reside in a little town outside of Waco, Texas called Eddy. I live there with my wonderful husband of 6 years, Mr. Mathew Ruggieri and my two happy puppies Max and Sammy. I had been an elementary educator for 13 years when I went back to school and earned my Learning Resource Endorsement Certificate and became an elementary librarian. I love being a librarian. I have a smile on my face every single day working with kids and books and all of the great stories inside of them!


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Sciences
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

Learning Resource Endorsement
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Graduate School of Library and Information Science

B.S. Elementary Education
University of Mary Hardin- Baylor, Belton, Texas
Elementary Education


Storytelling has become a new interest for me. Approximately 5 years ago I rediscovered books and their wonderful stories inside. I embarked on a new career and delved even further into the art of storytelling in pursuit of my Masterís degree in School Librarianship. I took a wonderful storytelling class and realized that I do very much like telling stories.  I have found that I am becoming more and more drawn to stories that are lively and happy. I like to tell stories where the good guy always wins and good prevails. Stories that make children laugh and giggle are my favorite. I am leading myself through the door of retelling old classic fairytales, adding contemporary twists to the story. I am currently contemplating writing more and more stories of my own and calling them Texas Fairytales in wants of performing them for children audiences. It will make a great summertime activity for myself. It will lead to a great new adventure in my life.


ďALL WE HAVE TO DO IS TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THE TIME WE ARE GIVENĒ from the character Gandalf the Wizard in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I believe the art and tradition of storytelling must remain ever present in our world. Our world is filled with rich traditions, cultural experiences, and magical, wonderful stories in which we become lost inside of with our imaginations. All we must do is keep storytelling a part of our world to share will all of our children so they will know, they will see, they will hear and they will enjoy all the wonderful things, ideas, places and people of yesterday and today. So that they may too share storytelling in their futures.