Reno, Nevada


I was born and raised in the Inland Empire in Southern California, surrounded by family, books, and smog. I later moved to San Francisco where I met and married my husband. A few years later we moved to Reno where I now work for the Washoe County Library System as a Library Assistant in the Youth Services Department at the South Valleys Branch. I love my job! My husband, Jeff, who also works for the library system says ďThey pay us good money to read to kids!Ē


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Sciences

University of North Texas

Denton, TX

B.A. Liberal Studies
California State University, San Bernardino


I have always loved libraries, books and reading. I can remember the very first brand new book that my parents ever gave to me. It was called Best Loved Fairy Tales. I lost myself in tales of dragons, fairies, trolls and giants. Books can take you to amazing worlds and so can storytellers. I have not always been a storyteller, but I have always enjoyed reading and listening to stories.

My first experience with storytelling with a group was when I worked in the library at Garcia Elementary School in Colton, CA. I learned the story of The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Trevizas and shared it with the classes that visited the library. The kids loved the story and I loved being able to share it with them.

Working in the Youth Services Department of the South Valleys Library has given me a real desire to tell stories, not just read stories, but I didnít know how to get started. So, when I had the chance as a graduate student at the University of North Texas to enroll in a Storytelling class in 2003, I enthusiastically signed up.

During this last year I have had the chance to tell stories at libraries in Reno. The Washoe County Library System is celebrating itís, Centennial in 2004-100 years! There is a Street Fair planned for September and I hope to tell stories at this event. I am usually drawn to stories with warmth and humor in them. Occasionally I like to throw in a ghost story or two to shake things up.


I didnít actually have a rock star fantasy growing up. After all, learning classical music on the piano only takes you so far in that world. But after teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar in my early twenties, I branched into electric guitar and learned some blues. Since marrying my husband who also plays piano and guitar, we have added many instruments to our collection. We now have six guitars, one banjo-guitar, two ukuleles, a bohdran, a few harmonicas, an Irish tin whistle, a bagpipe practice chanter, a marimba and a nose flute-no talent required for this last one, just blow. Youíll notice I didnít say we know how to play all of these, but they certainly provide hours of frustration!

I continue my love affair with books. Itís a good thing I work at a library or I wouldnít be able to afford the bookstore bill. Although we check out books by the dozen from the library, we still end up bringing home too many books. All of our bookshelves are full and we are now finding interesting places to stack the new ones. I figure as long as I donít have to wind my way through a floor-to-ceiling maze of stacked books to get around the house, itís all good.