Patricia W. Vermillion
Dallas, Texas


Hello! My name is Patricia Vermillion. Originally from the Magnolia state of Mississippi, I have lived with my husband and three children in the Sunshine state of Florida, the Cajun state of Louisiana, the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado and most recently, the Lone Star state of Texas. Currently, I am a library assistant at the Lamplighter School in Dallas and a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of North Texas.


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Sciences
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

Graduate Academic Certificate In Youth Services in Libraries and Information Settings
University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

B.S. Elementary Education
University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Mississippi is the state where writers and storytellers are born and the front porch is “the place” to share those stories with family and friends. I grew up swinging and rocking on my grandmother’s porch and listening to her stories. And now, as a mother, grandmother, teacher and librarian, I enjoy telling stories to just about anyone who will listen. My first introduction to a Storytelling course was offered by Elizabeth Figa. I became hooked on the power of a story and have followed Elizabeth to her advance storytelling class. These courses have taken me back to my roots and the gift of gab! I discovered in the sequence of storytelling that I can share my stories without a front porch and a swing, although that is the perfect setting of any southern story!

The art of storytelling is a reminder of the stories we cherish and how they are passed on to other generations. Everyone has a story to tell. So what are we all waiting for?


You all know, of course, that Elvis was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi.  That is why I am a devoted fan, sporting his wigs, sunglasses, coins, photos, clothing, music, checks and who knows what else! My family, however, is not committed to Elvis. Their admiration lies with the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University and we attend every possible sponsored function. Rah! Rah! TCU! However, we also support my alma mater,  the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles, who just happen to be #1 in the state of Mississippi.! Go Southern!