Name of the Storyteller:  Vivian Cisneros
Title of the Story:  Grady's in the Silo

Story Source Material:  This story is adapted from the book 'Grady's in the Silo' by
Una Belle Townsend, illustrated by Bob Artley.  Penguin Publishing Company
graciously gave permission for this story to be told here.

Taletype Classification of the Story:  Animal Tale
Story Rating:  General Audience

Grady's in the Silo is based on a true story that took place in Yukon, Oklahoma in 1949.  Grady is a cow that somehow manages to jump into a silo one day.  As word spreads of Grady's plight, her owner, Bill, is inundated with suggestions for getting her out again.  The crazy and impractical ideas he gets make for a funny tale, and it takes four days before someone actually comes up with a practical suggestion.  Will it work, or is Grady condemned to living out her life in the silo?