Name of the Storyteller: Anne Goodner
Title of the Story: Snoozin’ Beauty
Story Source Material: Original adaptation of fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.
Taletype Classification of the Story:  Fractured Fairy Tale
Story Rating:  General Audience

The story of Sleeping Beauty has been transported to West Texas, where a wealthy oilman  and his wife have a beautiful baby daughter.  At the big fiesta to celebrate the birth of the baby, a number of beauty queens are invited to give special gifts to the child.  One beauty queen that had been left off the invitation list crashes the party and places a curse on the baby, stating that on her eighteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a cactus needle and die.  The one beauty queen that had not yet given her gift, changes the curse to a deep sleep instead of death.  In spite all of the efforts of the oilman to ban all cacti, the curse does take place.  All fall into a deep sleep for 100 years until a handsome cowboy finds the ranch and awakens the beautiful girl with a kiss.