Name of the Storyteller: Meg Goodner
Title of the Story: Beauty and the Beast - the Wild West Version
Story Source Material: Original adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale
Taletype Classification of the Story:  Legend
Story Rating:  General Audience

The old fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast takes a turn to the Wild West when the setting of the story takes place in West Texas. A storekeeper loses his way and stumbles upon a deserted ranch. He spies a rose bush covered with beautiful yellow roses and decides to pick one to carry home to his lovely daughter, Dixie Belle. As the storekeeper picks the rose, a horrible beast charges out at him and makes the storekeeper his prisoner. Dixie Belle finds her father and the beast releases him on the condition that Dixie Belle take his place.

Dixie Belle and the Beast soon find the inner goodness of each other and fall in love. In the mean time, Dixie Belle's father has bribed the sheriff to rescue Dixie Belle by offering the sheriff Dixie Belle's hand in marriage. The Beast refuses to fight the sheriff because he has learned that fighting will distress Dixie Belle, and thus wins Dixie Belle's hand in marriage for himself. The Beast then becomes a handsome rancher and it is revealed that he had been placed under an evil spell.