Name of the Storyteller:  Angela Lamb
Title of the Story:  The Unexpected Bride
Story Source Material:  Story adaptation from the Bible story of Jacob and his wives (Genesis 29:16-30).
Taletype Classification of the Story:  Religious Story
Story Rating:  General Audience

The Unexpected Bride is the story of Tex (a rancher with two daughters for whom he must find suitable husbands). When Tex is approached by a rich, young rancher from the next town who wants to marry his youngest daughter he must make a decision if the young man is suitable or just a rich, good looking young man.  Tex requires Wesley to complete a trial period of work at his ranch to see if he is the right man to marry his daughter.  At the end of the term, Tex agrees that Wesley may have his daughter’s hand in marriage, but on the day of his wedding Wesley is surprised to see the face of his new bride.