Name of the Storyteller:  Bobbee Pennington
Title of the Story:  An Orphan Girl
Story Source Material:  Original story based on a composite of historical narratives about like in the Hill Country area of Texas in the mid to late 1800’s. Theses first person narratives were found in the Library of Congress’ online “American Memory Project” and a book on Texas history entitled, “The Free Golden Land” by Crystal Sasse Ragsdale.
Taletype Classification of the Story:  Folk Song/Historical Fiction
Story Rating:  9-adult

An orphan girl is raised in the Hill Country area of Texas in the 1800’s. She encounters poverty, a cruel stepmother, and child-slavery. She struggles to overcome these obstacles to create a peaceful home when she has a family of her own. She ultimately faces an agonizing choice in terms of conflict resolution concerning her relationship with her stepmother.