Name of the Storyteller:  April Joy Ruggieri
Title of the Story:  The Three Little Roadrunners from Rosebud
Story Source Material:  Story adaptation from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Taletype Classification of the Story:  Fairy Tale
Story Rating:  General Audience

Dixie, Dott, and Delilah Roadrunner who live on a hill in Rosebud, Texas, decide one day to explore Paducah Hill. While trying to get across the bridge to Paducah Hill, they are met by a mean old troll, the Texas Troll, who is very hungry for fried roadrunner legs. They are his very favorite things in all of Texas. Will these three little roadrunners from Rosebud get across the bridge to Paducah Hill or will the Texas Troll have his fried roadrunner legs?