Selected Annotated Bibliography


Articles about the Homework Assistance Program


Congressman Adam Schiff.  “Schiff Secures Federal Funds For
Glendale After School Program.” February 14, 2003.


This website discusses federal funding for a homework assistance program in California and the importance of the program in helping students with their homework.


Edson, Kim.  “Libraries Change Lives.”  Library News Bulletin.  February 2001.


This article discusses the homework assistance study table at the Rochester Public Library and its success with students.


Jensen, Bruce.  “SOL (Spanish in Our Libraries).”  February 11, 2003.


This electronic newsletter showcases an article which discusses a book called Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library by Cindy Mediavilla.  This article gives a slice of the book and briefly discusses the Castroville Library Homework Center.



Library of Congress.  “Ask a Librarian.”  “Student assignments.”  March 6, 2003.


The Library of Congress website explains that students should go to their school or local libraries for assistance but they are still kind enough to offer up four homework website addresses.



Mediavilla, Cindy.  “Homework Helpers.”  School Library Journal.  March 2003: 56.  Academic Search Premier.  EBSCOhost.  April 18, 2003.  Http://


This article discusses the importance of homework assistance programs across the country.  It also gives explicit instructions on how to set up a homework assistance program and what it takes to make it successful.



Minkel, Walter.  “If Two Apples Cost 50 Cents . . .” School Library Journal. March 2003: 58.  Academic Search Premier.  EBSCOhost.  April 18, 2003. Http://


This article showcases homework assistance programs across the country.


Library Websites Showcasing the Homework Assistance Program


Chandler Public Library System.  “Homework Assistance Center.” July 22, 2002.


Homework assistance available to grade 1-12, computer lab with internet access, and a certified teacher to help with school assignments.



City of Plano.  “Plano Library.Org.” April 4, 2003.


This website showcases their Circle of Success Homework.  It offers their target group and explains who their volunteers are.  It also tells their homework hours. The interesting thing here is that they push the idea of mentors and explains mentors’ responsibilities.  They also have printable brochure.



Comsewogue Public Library. “Comsewogue Public Library.”  2003.


This library offers a variety of online services for students.  They have the virtual reference collection, a group of databases.  They also have ask our librarians, and a live librarian.  Their homework help section are a special set of databases added to their vitual reference collection targeted directly at this age group in order to assist them with their homework.



Kitchener Public Library. “Kitchener Public Library Homework Centre.”  2003.


The library explains their homework center and assistance they offer local area students.  It also lists internet sites which offer homework assistance.



Oakland Public Library.  “Homework Help @ the library.”


The library explains the program and the hours available for tutoring.  They do recommend you come in before you get in trouble.  They have volunteers.



Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  “Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.” Oct. 30, 2002.


The interesting thing about this program is that students can make an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one session about research projects.  They also have “live” homework help from with operational hours listed—this is done online.



Websites Which Provide Online Homework Assistance


Federic District Web Development Team.  “Homework help.”  April 11, 2003.


This website is set up by a school district to provide online assistance to their students.  It offers general, educational games, geography, information sites, government—history sites to help with homework.



Los Angeles Unified School District.  “Lausdnet’s Homework Help.” 2000.


This website is set up by a school district to provide online assistance to their students.  This website has a multitude of links to assist students with their homework.



Public Internet Exchange.  “Homework Assistance.”  September 3, 2002.


This website gives listings of websites which offer homework assistance and also has quick links, one of which is to the Plano library.



ProQuest Information and Learning Company.  “Big Chalk.”  2003.


This website offers online help.  It offers library resources and teacher and curriculum resources.  It also has sections for teachers, librarians, elementary/middle school//high school students, parents.  It offers “homework central” and is touted as the World’s best free study and research help!



The Regents of the University of Michigan.  “Teen Space at the Internet Public Library.”  2003.


A bibliography of links to assist students in every school subject imaginable.



StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.  “”  2002.


This website has a multitude of links to assist students with their homework.