At the Texas Library Association 2003 Annual Conference Patrick Jones, co-author of Creating a Young Adult Core Collection and Stacy Creel, manager of the Houston Public Library Youth Services department presented strategies for selecting, cataloging and promoting graphic novels in your library.  Their thoughts are included in the selections below:


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Patrick Jones says "invent a call number and call it graphic novels."  His rationale being that if you try to catalog by genre your graphic novels will not be centrally located thus, making it harder for your patrons to find them.

Stacey Creel states that Houston Public Library does not catalog their graphic novels which she admits is harder for patrons to know what is available at other branches but, it works.


Speaking from experience Stacey Creel suggests "open shelving" or prominently displaying all book covers since the spines of most graphic novels are so thin they can not be read.  She also suggested the use of the American Library Association's Getting Graphic @ Your Library poster next to your graphic novel collection.


Kat Kan, whose article "Getting Graphic: at the school library" is featured in the May 2003 Library Media Connection magazine writes, "As a matter of course, I use two-inch-wide clear book tape to reinforce the spines and inner gutters as soon as they arrive in my section."

An unidentified audience member at the 2003 Texas Library Association conference shared with those in attendance that she punches a hole in the upper left hand corner and places a small ring binder through it and calls them "pierced novels."



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