Vancouver, Canada


I was born in Houston, TX.  After an attempt at becoming a Cloistered Nun, I attended Herman Hospital School of Vocational Nursing.  After graduation I worked in pediatrics, the prison system, and home health pediatrics.  I have done some writing for The Journal of Nursing Jocularity, an article for Woman’s World Magazine and a chapter in Tending Lives:  Nurses on the Medical Front with Echo Heron.  While still in Texas I married a Texas Department of Corrections Officer and moved to Raleigh, NC; later we moved to Monroe, WA—as in Washington State.  I returned to college for a Certificate in Library Technology after I ended my marriage and left nursing.  I moved to Bellingham, WA and earned a degree in Library Science and Holocaust Studies, with the assistance of Dr. Daniel Larner who helped me design many of the Independent Study classes I took in Holocaust Studies, and Rob Lopresti MLS, who has been a mentor and advisor.  I am married to a Canadian citizen; I have no children but I do have a collie I am crazy about.  My goal is to be a children’s librarian in a public library.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

B.A. Liberal Arts Multidisciplinary Concentration:
Library Science and Holocaust Studies

Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA. 
Certificate Library Technology and Information Systems
Lake Washington Technical College
Kirkland, WA.


I had always enjoyed the performing arts: duet and dramatic acting, prose and poetry reading—I lettered, when I attended South Houston High School, in Speech.  As well as competing in speech tournaments I also performed in plays while I was in Junior High, High School and Junior College.  But it was at WWU that I first discovered Storytelling as a discipline.  I really have always told stories but I just never gave it much thought or credit.  Telling an interesting story, or making people laugh, was a way of getting out of trouble when I was young and of distracting my patients when I was a nurse.  But at WWU I could take a class and hone my skills.  I found that I simply fell in love with storytelling!  The adoration was confirmed when I took Advanced Storytelling and met storyteller David Novak as a part of a Tellebration.  When I saw that UNT offered the opportunity to continue my study of storytelling, I was elated.  The offer of a GAC in Storytelling and the gift of having Dr. Elizabeth Figa as my mentor, storytelling coach, and my academic advisor sealed the deal when I was choosing a graduate school; indeed, I only applied to UNT.   

I prefer to tell to adults, as I don’t think adults get the stories they need.  I prefer to tell original stories; although I do enjoy urban legends and ethnic tales. 

I am a member of the Bellingham Storyteller’s Guild and the Vancouver Society of Storytellers and have taken part in storytellings held by both groups.  I have hosted and attended Home Concerts.  I have told at Elementary Schools, secondary schools, a Holocaust Remembrance ceremony, at a museum, and at coffee houses.         

In the future, I demand of myself that I will improve my storytelling skills with children, while also taking advantage of opportunities to tell to adults. 


I love to read, not a surprise since I am studying to be a librarian!  I love children and respect their openness and resiliency.  I love to cook/bake and collect recipes.  I love dogs, especially collies—I have owned at least one all of my adult life.  I also, for reasons I am not sure about, collect nun dolls!