Plano, TX



My name is Nicole Herron.  I grew up in Houston, TX, living in the same house all of my life until I went off to college.  We didnít do a whole lot of traveling, mostly within Texas.  My dad would take us camping from time to time, but Mom really didnít like to stray far from home if she could help it.  As a matter of fact, she still lives in that same house!

I attended the University of North Texas in Denton for five years.  (I just couldnít decide what I wanted to major in.)  I started out in Speech Pathology and Audiology (I wanted to work with the deaf), and then changed to Library and Information Science.  I quickly found out that you had to have a Masterís degree to get a job in a library anyway, so I changed once again.  I thought it would be fun to be a school librarian, but would need teaching experience, so I got my teaching certificate in Theatre Arts (my favorite subject in high school).

I had so much fun as a Theatre Arts major that I put all of my focus on that for the next few years.  I went on to teach Theatre in middle school, first in Houston for one year, then in Frisco, TX after I married my husband and moved to Plano.  In 2003 I decided it was time for a change and I thought back to my dreams of being a school librarian.  I looked back to my Alma Mater and knew UNT would once again be the source of my education.  After two years of course work, I was able to get a position in Garland, TX as an elementary school librarian.  I have learned and grown so much in this past year, and I know without a doubt that my educational and career journeys have led me ultimately to the right field.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

B.A. Secondary Theatre Arts Teaching Certificate
University of North Texas
Denton, TX


When I was a Theatre teacher I taught a unit in storytelling to my students.  I never taught them anything I wouldnít do myself, so I always had a demonstration I would do for them at the beginning of the unit.  Storytelling was one of my favorite things to perform for them.  When contemplating what electives I might take for my MLS degree, I knew that Storytelling would HAVE to be one of them.  Am I glad it was!  The class opened my heart to the possibilities beyond what I already knew storytelling could do.  I have such a passion for stories, and students are catching the bug when I tell.  Thatís the greatest reward of all.

In my spare time I love to read and watch movie musicals or see stage productions.  My husband and I also make our own short movies from time to time (but thatís another story).  I love to be transported through time and space into another world through the use of imagination.  I strongly believe that with a little imagination, ANYTHING is possible!

We each walk our own path, and it is the journey,
rather than the destination, that keeps life interesting.