Denton, TX


Hey There! My name is Joan Marie Wilton. Iím 22 years old and the story you will (or already have) heard is based on experiences in my own life. As a military kid, I do a fair bit of traveling. So while I am a natural US citizen, I was actually born in England while my Dad was on assignment.

I like to think of myself as a big kid at times. Itís a lot of fun telling stories and doing fun games. Thatís why Iím currently working towards Youth Services within Library systems. There is nothing quiet like helping a kid discover the joys of reading.


M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

Bachelors in Business Administration
Specialty Marketing Management
University of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

AA in Business Administration
Anne Arundel Community College
Arnold, Maryland


I love telling stories that I can insert fun voices into. I find it really helps being the character alive. As far as who I tell them to or what itís about? I donít mind so long as whoever is listening enjoys the story! But I suppose my big interest in storytelling is fables and legends. Itís not just because I enjoy the classics, but because it is interesting to see how many of todayís movies or TV shows appear to be based on old fables. Not to mention I find it interesting how many stories seem similar despite the cultures not having met before the story was created.


Well, I feel you all should know I am an Anime, Manga, and Role Playing nerd. I enjoy these things because to be honest, they arenít just for kids. Role Playing allows one to act out or write out a story with others. Making it so you never quiet know what will happen. Anime and Manga weave some truly wonderful stories that target different age groups and genders depending on what the story is about.  

I also enjoy singing. I havenít had the opportunity to incorporate this into my stories yet, but it doesnít help I donít play an instrument so that makes it a little harder. Other interests include dancing, reading, swimming, reading, cute fluffy animals, reading, stuffed animals, reading, going to conventions for animeÖ and cooking.  

Bet you thought I was going say reading again didnít you?  Hehe. I guess thatís another hobby of mine that helps with my storytelling. I do like to see peopleís reactions when I try certain things.

Arenít you glad I use my powers for good?