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Elizabeth Figa, Ph.D.
Citizen of Earth  ~ Storyteller/Dancer/Runner ~  Associate Professor
University of North Texas    College of Information
Department of Library and Information Sciences
elizabeth.figa@unt.edu / Office: 940-565-2187 / Department: 940-369-7873

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Beta Phi Mu
UNT Faculty Senator

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Storytelling Association

Associate Editor:
Storytelling, Self, Society

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Storytelling Concerts

Go West
Spring 2004
Storytelling Concert

Stores from the Heart
Mini-Mester 2004
Storytelling Concert

Campfire Tales
Spring 2005
Storytelling Concert

Funny Bone
Mini-Mester 2005
Storytelling Concert

Creature Features
Spring 2006
Storytelling Concert

Summer 2006
Storytelling Concert

Heroes & Heroines
Spring 2007
Storytelling Concert

Ripples and Waves
Spring 2008
Storytelling Concert

I am Woman
Summer 2008
Storytelling Concert

Wild Tales
Spring 2009
Storytelling Concert

Tell Me  Heroes Tale
Mini-Mester 2009

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Former Faculty Senator and Member of
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Associate Editor:
Storytelling, Self Society Journal



Dr. Elizabeth Figa
2005 Recipient
University of North Texas Outstanding Teacher Award

University of North Texas Faculty Convocation
2005 Faculty Award Winners

Front Row:  Dr. Yan Huang, Dr. Elizabeth Figa,
Dr. Jennifer Way, Dr. Linda DiFiore, Dr. Diana Mason

Back Row:  Dr. Samual Matteson, Dr. Chang Koh,
Dr. Zhibing Hu, Dr. Lou Pelton. Dr. Floyd McDaniel

Click here:
UNT Press Release on the Awards

University of North Texas
2009 Faculty Awards

Dr. Elizabeth Figa and
Provost Wendy Wilkins

Dr. Elizabeth Figa
2009 Recipient
University of North Texas
Provost's Award for Extraordinary Professional Service
to the University of North Texas

For Service on the University of North Texas
Evaluation of Teaching Committee

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Current areas of
Research Activity


Dr. Figa conducts research in library and information sciences to understand and describe human social phenomena through the lens of culture. As an ethnographer, my goal is to understand human information behavior by examining "human systems" that are best studied via holistic frameworks.  I am increasingly engaged with research that involves the use of the Internet and the myriad of information technologies and services that comprise and support online teaching , learning, personal knowledge management. My goals are to theoretically understand praxis via interviews and observation (holistically and unobtrusively) to interpret and understand real-life experience and application.


Storytelling as Information Science; Storytelling Pedagogy, Digital and Virtual Storytelling Environments;  Virtual Environments for Use in Collaborative Work; Virtual Personalities, Online Persona and Language and Information Technologies; Online Pedagogy, Distance Education, E-Learning, and Online Teaching-Learning Systems; Library Services for Distance Education, Doctoral Education;  Youth Information Seeking Behavior and Youth Services Librarianship; Library and Information Science History and Culture.

MY Research Groups

Here's my one of my papers:
Figa, E.  (2007).  The  Emergent Properties .... 



Dr. Figa Speaking at Graduation
Copyright  Photograph by Dr. Brian O'Connor

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I can always be found/reached by calling either the SLIS office toll-free (877) 275-7547 or my direct office line at (940) 565-2187 or via email at elizabeth.figa@unt.edu.

Elizabeth Figa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of North Texas
College of Information
Department of Library and Information Sciences
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle 311068
Denton, TX  76203-5017
Phone:  940-565-2187         

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