The AFU & Urban Legends Archive

Reviewed By Erik Knapp

The website I chose to reveiw for my second reveiw(?) was The AFU & Urban Legends Archive at I was surprised when I first opened the site that it had been operating since 1991. I think I didn't expect that kind of longevity in a site when the topic of the site is based so much in Generation X.

Before I actually get into the specifics of the site itself, I want to mention a few things regarding access around the site. To me, this site was set up extremely well. It was easy to use and navigate and the links that I tried were all active and current. It doesn't advertise itself as having the latest and most current information; it seems more of a storehouse for more established legends; it does offer links to sites that do offer the latest urban legend information.

Now on to my thoughts of the less technical parts of the site itself. The first screen offers the veiwer a bit of insite to the kind of mentality they will be exposed to. The site offers definitions of each part of their title (The AFU & Urban Legends Archive) including the ampersand. I thought that was funny. The home pages main feature is the search function. It seperated the topics into 25 different sections ranging from Sex to Celebrities to Politics to Science. There is even a section for Miscellaneous legends. Each search section offers topics that discuss in detail various legends. The number off topics per section varies but is between 10 and 50 depending on the subject. The information on the particular topic offers variations on the legend and discusses the relative veracity of the legend. It also cites the pedigree of the legend, where it came from and how it has spread.

This was a VERY interesting site in my opinion. It should be noted that I find the idea of urban legendry very interesting in its' own right but I did enjoy my exploration of the site. It was also significantly more "professional" than I would have thought given the nature of the subject. All told I was quite impresed with the site and have already recommended it to a few of my friends that I believe will find it interesting.