African Culture: Music, Dance & Storytelling

Reviewed By Almetta Russell

African Culture: Music, Dance & Storytelling.

Reviewed by Almetta Russell. This web site is billed as a multicultural arts education program. As a bonus, the beautifully illustrated work of Creative Designs makes this web page a conversational piece. The brainchild of Mustafa Abdul-Aleem, African Culture: Music, Dance and Storytelling is an ideal resource for parents and teachers, alike. Workshops ranging from one day to two weeks are available for bookings throughout the country. Schools that participated in this cross- cultural experience are listed, along with the number of site visitors since January 27, 2000.

Mustafa's creative designs include web page and graphics, jewelry and drum making. "Each of my creations recite their own story of the beauty and elegance that surrounds us."

Every page is complete with contact information. Recent program performances, recordings, national television appearances, universities and a media management list are included in Mustafa's Performance Vita.

Much more than storytelling, an abundance of information defining the cultural terms used in this innovative and interactive approach to learning, depict the author's concepts, focus and passion. Behind each icon is some hidden form of excitement. Powerful explanations, along with dynamic supporting photographs make the credibility and authority of the teacher, musician, storyteller, and recording artist, a cultural icon. Simply reading the web page is an educational journey within itself. This was a very impressive and cultural filled web site from beginning to end.