Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Reviewed By Cynthia Kay White

The website Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts edited and translated by D.L. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburg gives texts from hundreds of stories and is an excellent source. You may search for texts by motif, tale types, and general topics. There are also several links to put the reader in contact with more stories and the country they are from.

The website is listed and credited to the University of Pittsburg. There is a link to Professor Ashliman who retired from the University in 2000 and now conducts research from southern Utah with his printed works and educational resume.

The site itself is very no-nonsense without much eye appeal, but filled with texts of stories and also correlations between similar tales of different cultures. Other websites may be organized a bit better for easy finding, but the amount of information included at this one is extremely vast. In searching various texts I found multiple links to other informative information. Navigating back and forth could be somewhat frustrating. Please note he also has a link to Folktales from China This has some good stories for use. Although you can get to the Folklore and Mythology page from the China site, I had trouble finding the way back to the China site.

This site includes links to the countries which the stories eminate from as well. This could be a resource for helping to develop the "voice" of the particular work.

The site looks very academic in nature, but a wonderful place for multiple electronic texts.