Encyclopedia Mythica

Reviewed By Kristina Nowlin

“The Encyclopedia Mythica” is an encylopedia of mythology that contains over 6,000 entries. Micha F. Lindemans is the founder, a contributor, and the chief editor. Not much can be discerned about the founder of the web site, but he has won numerous awards from various entities including PC Magazine. Lindemans is also the web designer for the “All Things Web” web site that provides tips for creating usable web pages. This site is located at <http://www.pantos.org/atw/welcome.html>. Lindemans has written some of the articles himself, but he also welcomes contributions from the site’s users. Specifications for inclusion in the encyclopedia are that the submitted article must deal with mythology, the article must be original and must include sources used for verification purposes. Lindemans reserves the right to edit and not publish submitted articles. The site also has a lengthy list of contributors. Credentials of the contributors are not included. Article access is free, but donations are encouraged to help keep the site free of advertisements and to pay for web server costs. The web site reopened on February 21, 2002 after not being available for a lengthy period. “Encyclopedia Mythica” contains articles addressing the following categories: mythology, folklore, bestiary, heroes, genealogy of mythological figures, and there also is an image gallery. Each article is attributed to its author and a list of sources used in the creation of the article is also provided. Each article contains links to other articles in the encyclopedia that help the user develop further knowledge about related entities to the topic being described. The information presented in this web site appears to be original and accurate. It would be valuable classroom research tool, and it would also be useful for generating ideas for stories.