Hear Her Voice

Reviewed By Kerri Mack

Hear Her Voice http://www.museum.vic.gov.au/hearhervoice/ Evaluated by Kerri Mack

I. Accuracy

This site is nicely done with photos. Typing and spelling appear to be correct. Since this site is from the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, Australia, one expects it to be accurate.

II. Authority

This site is sponsored by the Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Museum Victoria is responsible for 4 museums in the Melbourne area, one of which is the Immigration Museum. This is a reputable sponsor. There is no person directly given credit for this site, but further investigation shows the Director of the Immigration Museum to be Padmini Sebastian and the Director of Outreach, Technology, Information and Multimedia to be Timothy Hart BSc (Arch) Honours University of Sydney. These people can be contacted for more information.

III. Objectivity

There is no advertising on this page. The main focus is on the stories of immigrant women on their journey to Australia. Each story is based on primary source materials from the actual individual. There is limited bias.

IV. Currency

I could not determine the last time the page was updated, but all links were active.

V. Coverage

This site covers the immigration of four women to Australia. It includes the voices of the actual women as they tell their stories. When not in English, written translations are provided.