Our Quilting Heritage: Family Heirloom Quilts

Reviewed By Jennifer Griffis

Anne Johnson, a quilter and author, assembled this site dedicated to quilts, women and heritage. This particular link, "Our Quilting Heritage: Family Heirloom Quilts", contains pictures of quilts and their quilters, as well as the stories of many of the quilts. It is not clear how often the site is updated or how the quilts were selected to be included in the site. Email links are provided for Anne Johnson, as well as each "story's" author. All of the quilts are beautiful, but some deserve particular attention for the stories they tell.

The link for Ruth Adams Lee, Angel Quilts, tells the story of a quilt she designed that was inspired by the last words of her 5 year old son and a dream that she had. As her son was dying of scarlet fever he said, "Momma, see the pretty white angel?" Later she dreamed about an angel and used the vision from her dream to design the quilt pictured on this site.

Crazy Quilts were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Minnie Hanson's Crazy Quilt is a wonderful example of this popular pattern. She used upholstery samples from her father's furniture store, along with her own creative stitching to create this beautiful design.

Two of the featured quilts are "three generation quilts" that were started by grandmothers and completed by daughters and granddaughters. Alice, Clara and Kim's Ocean Waves and Deb's Three Generation Rose Quilt are touching stories of how quilts and stories are passed from one generation to another.

The variety of quilts and stories presented on the web site make it a wonderful example of how quilts can be used to tell stories and pass on a family heritage.