Making Fairy Tales From Personal Stories--Part II

Reviewed By Julie Nichols

Written by Doug Lipman, a nationally known professional storyteller, this article was first published in The National Storytelling Journal in 1988. This article details the process involved in creating a fairy tale from personal experiences. The article offers a detailed explanation of the fairy tale genre and the use of symbols in fairy tales. This site would be useful to beginning storytellers in that it thoroughly explains the process of creating a story. However, as explained in the article, the process of actually taking a personal experience and turning it into a fairytale is rather complicated and would require the assistance of a very knowledgeable storyteller. This article would be of most benefit to a teacher, or coach in Mr. Lipman’s terminology, working with those attempting to create stories from personal experience, as he describes in detail the necessary techniques the coach must employ to guide this creation process. This page was last updated on September 20, 2001. Additionally, this page is part of the website, updated February 9, 2002, which contains a wealth of storytelling information and also offers a free monthly email newsletter and the ability to purchase publications by Mr. Lipman. Also provided are email, snail mail and phone contacts for the author.