The Awesome Library Multicultural List

Reviewed By Raymond Wells


The Awesome Library Multicultural List is only one segment of this massive resource known as The Awesome Library. Begun in 1995, as a library database by Dr. R. Jerry Adams, the site is now co-owned by Evaluation and Development Institute. The credibility of the site is evidenced by the almost 200 awards and recognitions it has received, mostly over the last 2 years, and all of which are cited and linked. The criteria for being linked from this site include: - Only child-safe links - Useful for teachers, students, parents, or librarians - "Real Stuff" (Actual documents, projects, pictures, and discussion groups) - Current - Load quickly - Small percentage of "dead" links - Best version available The site is well maintained. Each page contains a contact link to report any problems. The overall purpose of the Awesome Library is to promote peace, enhance communication through the web, and evaluate solutions in the fields of health, education and criminal justice. Obviously, these goals would support the concept of multiculturalism, but what about storytelling?

There are, in fact, several links that apply to storytelling directly, such as Legends and Myths by Country, Music by Country or Culture, and Cultures of the World, which includes resources on gestures used in a particular culture. Of course, to the serious storyteller, any number of the links would enhance the understanding of the historical and cultural background of the story setting. This web site should be included on any storytellerís list of resources.