The Net Woods Virtual Campsite

Reviewed By: Kimberly Garcia

Storytelling Website Evaluation By Kimberly Garcia SLIS 5440 Spring 2002

Website Name:

The Net Woods Virtual Campsite


This site was compiled and is maintained by Steve Tobin. An email address is given for the author, however no additional contact information is given. This site is provided as a resource for Scouters. Steve Tobin has been involved in Scouts for many years. He became an Eagle Scout in 1964 and became active in Scouting as an adult in 1985. He is still active in scouting today.


The information contained in this site appears accurate and reliable. There are links to published works and documentation is made when necessary. All of the information given appears to be error free.


This site was last edited on January 15, 2002. Only 3 links out of the many given were no longer active links. The references given were also current.


Information of interest to all people, not just scouters, can be found on this site. It is included as a storytelling website because of the Campfire section. In the Campfire section you can find a wealth of information on locating, using, and telling wonderful campfire stories. These stories are perfect whether you are around a campfire or indoors. There is a link to "Storytelling Effectively - How-to Tips that contains simple and easy to follow advice to make any storytelling experience successful.


The authors purpose in the website is to provide a source of practical information and material to help scouting units provide a quality program. There does not appear to be any type of hidden agenda except for the author's love of scouting.


The site was fairly quick to load. It is a free site and you are not required to register when you access the site.


The site is easy to navigate. It has an eye-pleasing design as far as colors used, font size, and graphics. There were a couple of pages that were not linked directly back to the home page.

Overall Opinion of Site:

The site is worth your time to visit. You are able to take away from the site some wonderful American Indian and scouting stories including The Story of Three Sioux Scouts, The Buffalo and the Mouse and The Bear's Tail. You will also find tips on being an effective storyteller as well as how to use stories in a variety of situations. This site is worth a look!