Tibetan Folk Tales


Reviewed by Priscilla Donvan

URL: http://www.crosby-lundin.com/tibet/culture/folktales/


Tibetan Folk Tales is a resource within the Tibet Digital Library authored by William and Anne Crosby-Lundin.  Having traveled throughout China, Tibet, and the surrounding areas, they have created this web site to raise awareness about Tibet.


There are 20 tales on the Tibetan Folk Tales site.  All appear to be traditional tales, many relating to Tibetan Buddhism which is certainly appropriate to the culture.  Some are stories I am familiar with; however, no credits or sources are listed.


The accompanying pages concerning art, religion, history and politics do lend a degree of background to the stories.  There are also some music and video clips that could provide additional insight into the somewhat mysterious culture.  It is clear that the main purpose of the web site is to inform the public about the atrocities being committed on the Tibetans and to encourage people to help save Tibet.


The website was last updated in December of 2000, but all the links remain in working order, except the mp3 files for the music (however that may be a technical glitch on my end rather than the web site). The factual information regarding the history and geography of the country is accurate.


I would like to have heard the music, songs by a family in exile in India and their hopes for a free Tibet.  Regardless of the political overtones of the web site, it is rare to find full text Tibetan folk tales online.  That in and of itself makes it a valuable resource.