The Storytelling FAQ

Reviewed By: David Scott

The Storytelling FAQ -

Tim Sheppard's list of the frequently asked questions in storytelling is an excellent site for any aspiring storyteller. It contains much useful information that is easy to find and understand.

The site is laid out in a question-and-answer format, with questions being grouped by subject. The questions on the list are arranged so that the most basic questions come first. This makes it simple for the beginner to gradually learn terminology and concepts. Subjects covered include what storytelling is, how to begin, how to become a professional storyteller and how to choose stories to tell, among other topics. Also included are additional resources that may help the storyteller. Email listservs and how to subscribe to them are provided, as are Internet newsgroups. Names and contact information for storytelling organizations are also part of the list. Other resources, such as names and places of storytelling events and classes are given, and a brief list of prominent storytellers and recommended books fill out the list.

This is an excellent site. The writing is clear and concise. The layout is very clean, and there are no advertisements or graphics to distract the reader. The content is updated frequently, and draws its information from respected academic sources and storytelling authorities. The biggest drawback is that there are no links from the table of contents to the reated part of the list. In order to find a subject, the reader must scroll down until they see it.

Plenty of information and only one major drawback make this a beginning storyteller's dream. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By: Amy Deutsch