Reviewed By: Hope Taylor


Christyís Garden of Mythology


This website is apparently a personal one designed as a depository and publication of Christy Taylorís written work related to the topic of mythology. The last update was on March 10, 2002, and parts of the page were created as early as 1997 according to dates on some pages. The name of the author is on the main page, but no direct link appears on this main page. The only approximate connection is a homepage link, which is dead. Other branch pages have an email link. No overt sponsorship is provided on any pages. The URL does make any clear connection to a known website sponsor, since it is a .com or commercial site.

The author makes no claim to be an expert on the topic of mythology and a personal connection to it as seen through writing in various forms. Most of the text and written works that are linked are personal explorations of myth and how to approach mythology as a writing springboard. This includes essays on modern mythologies, reviews of related books; poetry inspired by myths and mythical figures, and retold myths. Attractive graphics appear on some pages, most notably the main page. These are properly attributed to the author or as clip-art and a statement advising on the copyright of the art is included. Little or no attempt has been made to keep a consistent background or graphic theme on all pages. Some maintain the attractive graphic from the main page, but others are purely text. Fonts vary, links to parts of the site vary in occurrence on pages, backgrounds vary, etc.

For the most part, little obvious proofreading has been done since many misspellings and grammatical errors occur in the written works. No obvious purpose to sway the reader appears, and the only ads are those that appear on certain branch pages that have link to a web-ring that you must join to view. This site allows the reader to access material that is not obviously published in other form (no reference is made to print publication anywhere), and, as such, allows for a valuable insight into personalizing such material. It is deep in links to authorís various works. As a storytelling site, it is mostly helpful in providing advice and examples of writing variations on traditional stories.