Australian Storytelling: Stories, Articles, Interviews

Reviewed By: Kristin Peimann


Contemporary Definition of Storytelling

This delightful web site made me smile. It is maintained by the Australian Storytelling Guild located in Sydney, Australia. In each state of Australia there is a Storytelling Guild that offers events and workshops related to storytelling. The areas represented are Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Tropical North Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. The guild members include professional storytellers, speakers, educators, writers, librarians, actors, puppeteers, magicians, therapists, trainers, entertainers, people who love to tell stories, and people who love to hear stories. The guild also publishes a newsletter, Telling Tales, six times a year. The purpose of this web site is to promote the craft and skill of storytelling, offer opportunities, resources, workshops, coaching, and accreditation for storytellers, and to provide a forum for storytellers to share skills. Though no date is noted on the home page, it seems that each guild is responsible for updating information. Scrolling across the bottom of the page is the message, "Australian Storytellers invited to update their details and Guilds to update their calendars for the year 2002." Dates on the festivals link are timely, referencing events in September 2002 and September 2003. Be aware, however, that the events on this website take place in Australia. The site is extremely visually appealing in color and in "extras". The menu bars, stationary throughout the site, have cartoon eyeballs that follow your selections. Graphics, some Australian in theme, are appropriate for the site and sometimes animated. A Fables link includes 97 short fables with morals. Some portions of the site would only be beneficial if you lived in Australia but the articles, interviews, and stories would be useful for anyone. Overall, I found this site full of good stories, and I plan to visit frequently.

Australian Storytelling

Reviewed By: Mandy Lawrence


The Australian Storytelling web site, located at is sponsored by the Australian Storytelling Guild. The names of the Patron, President, and Secretary are listed, as well as their phone numbers and email addresses. The webmaster can be contacted via email. The site is current, even offering an email address to contact if event listings are out of date. There were no advertisements.

The objectives of the site are to promote storytelling, offer coaching, workshops, and resources for storytelling, and to provide a forum for storytellers to share skills.

The site is easy to navigate, with bright, attractive colors, cute pictures of koalas and kangaroos as icons, and a useful sidebar menu. You will have to hit “stop the music” immediately upon opening the page unless you want to hear a very loud version of “Waltzing Matilda” over and over again!

This is an excellent storytelling resource offering:

--A comprehensive search engine to search all of their files by name, topic, or story

--A link to useful storytelling books with reviews and synopses

--Text of 97 of Aesop’s fables

--A huge list of links to storytellers and storytelling sites in Australia and across the globe (this list includes some Texas storytellers)

--A storyteller’s message board

--Articles, interviews with storytellers from all over the world, and lots of story texts

--An order form to subscribe to “Telling Tales,” a magazine that appears to allow US subscribers.

Reviewed By: Michelle Quigley

Reviewed By: Kristen Schmid