ReviewedBy: Katy Foster


The website, "Folklore," found at , is an expansive collection of urban legends and "spooky tales." This is not a site that provides adaptations that are ready for telling. However, it is a good place for a storyteller to begin researching urban legends. Most of the tales are contributed by readers of the site. Therefore, the grammar is often incorrect and the stories do not always "flow." There is a single individual that places the information on the site. The author of the site does not identify himself, but does have an email link to contact him. Unless the viewer emails the creator and requests information about him, they will not know whether he is an actual expert or not.

The site does offer a great deal of objectivity. All urban legends are presented without bias. However, several advertisements are present on the page. In fact, there is a not on the page that reads, "If anyone wishes to advertise a product which is relevant to the contents of this website please email me for details."

The two most important factors in this site’s favor are its currency and its coverage. The page lists it "updated on" date at the bottom of the page which is very recent. The absolute best thing about this page is the coverage. It contains over fifty urban legends and several "spooky tales." There are also several versions listed of some of the legends. Though this page is set up just for fun, it contains the best collection of urban legends that I have found. I recommend it for that reason alone.