Jewish Family Stories

Reviewed By: Sherri Wisely


Author: Alan Radding Website:

This site is not elaborate in design but it loads fast and has a pleasing background color and appropriate graphics. The first thing you read is a statement on the use of the stories that allows for personal use and gives instructions for others wishing to use them in public to contact the author via an email link or phone number. This sets the ground rules very clearly and gives you an easy way to make contact for permission to use the stories.

The most recent story is copyrighted 2002 so the site is quite up to date.

These stories are not "happily ever after" by any means. They are very much like real life. The people in them struggle and go through tough decisions and suffer. Even when the make the right choices the process is not always easy. The endings are hopeful, but not completely tied up in a bow. There is still room for improvement in the characters and still the sense that these are real people just like you that are going to go on and keep trying even if they may not be completely successful the next time or even the time after that. All of the stories I read evoked strong emotions and I found myself crying through many of them.

Overall, this is a good resource for stories with a Jewish outlook and also for stories that show people as they really are - faults and all.