Magic Tales of Mexico

Reviewed By: Carmen Grant


Magic Tales of Mexico


Gabriel A. Cordova Jr. collected these stories and during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, he traveled through El Paso County, Texas, Dona Ana County, New Mexico, and practically all of Northern Chihuahua, Mexico, doing extensive fieldwork. Gene Cowan, is Mr. Cordova’s grandchild, who has created this website which brings to the users 9 of the stories collected by Mr. Cordova.

This website is a non-profit organization website and is still under construction as Mr. Cowan continues to contribute to the website.


This website appears to be as accurate as possible. The text is Gabriel Cordova’s original work and the notes are at the bottom of each story are his researched findings. Mr. Cordova uses the The Aarne-Thompson Types of the Folktale to catalog the tales.


Gabriel Cordova makes an attempt to bring the tales in their original forms. He took extreme care in choosing the narrators by making sure that they were indigenous to the community. He allowed the narrators “free-rein” in the choice of tales, thus was able to harvest a variety of materials, such as, native remedies for curing all kinds of ailments; old ballads from Spain and France, with two, perhaps Irish in origin; tales of witches, ghosts, lost treasures, lost mine; anecdotes, riddles, and children's games. However, only 9 tales represent Mr. Cordova’s fieldwork.

There is advertising on the bottom of the page. This website seems to be a personal website dedicated to the work of Gabriel A. Cordova.


The pages on this website are not dated. There is no indication of when it was last updated. The links to Gene Cowan’s g-world are accessible.


Topics covered are tales Mr. Cordova compiled and the cataloging of the tales. The tales are written in English and Spanish.