Storytelling:  Passport to the 21st Century

Reviewed By: Trina D. Taylor


Why is there a resurgence of interest among today's business and organizational leaders in the ancient art of storytelling at a time when electronic communications might seem to make it obsolete? Human beings have been communicating with each other through storytelling since we lived in caves and sat around campfires exchanging tales. "What is new today about the art of telling stories is the purposeful use of narrative to achieve a practical outcome with an individual, a community, or an organization."

The purpose of the website is to introduce business leaders and others in the business to field to storytelling to improve their business. Yet, it covers many aspects of storytelling such as the beginnings of storytelling, defining it, and popular psychology. It lists the benefits of communication by storytelling, and gives personal perspectives of the business leaders of this site. It tells you past and present enemies of storytellers. It gives you ideas where storytelling is not appropriate. (Can't you think of a time where you wish someone had not told a story?) It includes books and videos to purchase and links to other websites on storytelling.