Bristlecone Storytelling Festival


Reviewed by Meg Goodner

This web site has been established by the Clark County School District in Nevada and is geared toward educators with its "Bristlecone Storytelling Festival Teacherís Guide." It provides tools for teachers and librarians to help direct students through the storytelling process. Activities, strategies, and tips are available to strengthen learning through storytelling. This web site clearly explains why it is important to communicate storytelling skills and practice them within the classroom. Users will find several resources to use including books, web sites, curriculum essentials, and teacher references. Teachers and librarians both will find the activities and lesson plan sections quite helpful. Activities include how to choose a topic for storytelling, learning the story, using and utilizing a summary worksheet, coaching tips, presentation techniques, storytelling etiquette, and exercises/games. Lesson plans include various approaches to storytelling, analyzing character elements and their contribution to storytelling, the realism behind storytelling, vocal communication, and understanding multi-sensory details. This is an excellent resource to use while practicing and implementing storytelling within the classroom or library.