This site is sponsored by the International Storytelling Center. This group is comprised of a number of different individuals, groups, organizations, and etc. from around the world. There is a spot to contact this organization, along with some of the names of the current board. This site is an institutionally sanctioned site and it looks like there are no other sponsoring organizations listed.

International Storytelling Center


Reviewed by Suzzanne Malard

The information is very accurate and reliable. The language used in this site is proper and grammatically correct. The facts are checked and updated. There really doesn’t look to be any documentation of sources used.

The links are all up to date and working. The site is marked as to when it was last updated, which is nice. However, not all the links or sources are marked as to when they were last checked. Everything else listed though is new information and current.

Information that is included on this web page is information on storytelling festivals, programs sponsored by this organization, article resources, and gives new information on what is occurring in the storytelling world. Some of the areas are covered very in depth, while other areas are just little blurbs. For formatting, the site just uses an article and/or term paper approach in presenting the information. The intended audiences for this site are adults and others interested in storytelling and different festivals that are put on, especially here in the US. Most of the information is unique to the site but does reinforce other information that can be gathered from other web sites.

The information is being brought to us, so that we become more aware of some of the storytelling festivals and programs that are put on in the United States. The information looks to be very straightforward with no bias. If anything, this site is trying to get you to join their organization and help promote the importance of storytelling.

There are no hardware or software requirements for this site. It was quick to load and is a very stable site. There are no fees nor do you have to register to use the site. However, if you want to get more updates and information concerning the center, you need to sign up for their newsletter, which is free.

This site uses a variety of text and graphics to illustrate their point. It is easy to read and navigate. The information seems to be arranged logically but it doesn’t seem one piece of information is any more important than another piece of information.