Long Limbed Tales


Reviewed by Stephanie Lawson

Long Limbed Tales is a digital storytelling site created and privately owned by Rantz. Rantz is a member of The Storytelling Ring which features storytelling resources, organizations, events, and storytellers through www sites. The Long Limbed Tales applies the styles and methods of old folktales to stories that take place in the present, in the real world (or something like it). Every month a new story is posted, and is read aloud in streaming RealAudio. The site provides twelve archived stories to read and six of the stories are available for listening. Permission is given for anyone to tell his tales in a non-commercial setting. The stories are not for young children but appear to be intended for adults. The site is a bit outdated. His latest story is from December of 1998. The link to Mama Lisaís Nursery Rhymes is also no longer working. There is no information on the authorís background but contact information is possible through e-mail. The design of the site is in a modern black and white style and is easy to read and navigate.