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Reviewed by Eileen Mathewson

Christopher Siren maintains Myths and Legends. This website previously resided on the MIT and UNH servers. Christopher Siren earned his Bachelorís degree in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT and his Masterís degree in Physics then completed the education program at UNH. His email link is provided for feedback. The site has earned a few rewards because of its useful information and interesting features.

This site is a collection of many web and offline resources of myths and legends. Each of the links and resources are described and defined to explain what can be found from the source. Valid, reliable, and trustworthy resources are documented. Since the beginning of the website in 1993, Myths and Legends has been updated as recently as June 23, 2003. Links are updated and include links to new myth and legend sites. Topics are divided into sections in this website. Sections include a general area and geographic divisions. The general section covers Indices and site reviews; Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Archives; Offline sources; Myth and Story Collections; Essays and Commentary; Creatures of Myth and Legend; and Miscellany. The Geographic sections break down into 21 different areas. Some of the areas covered are Greek and Roman; Slavic and Baltic; British and Celtic; and Native American. Many of the sections are then further detailed like the British and Celtic include Pictish, Miscellaneous, Irish, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, Breton, Anglo-Saxon, Arthurian, and Robin Hood. Within these areas not only is the website link from this page but an explanation of the linked source fully explains the information that can be found on the linked page.

This site is intended to be a collection and link to the many myth and legend sources on the Internet. Because the site provides a wide variety of sources, the author is not limiting the sources. The author is simply trying to provide the user with information and not advertise or sell anything. There are not any specific requirements for software or hardware. This site is easily loaded and free of charge. Registration is not required. Uncluttered three frame layout of the page allows for easy reading. White background with subtle green and blue accented fonts makes the text comfortable to read. The simple readability and navigation along with a clear, logical, and useful arrangement allows the user to find the needed information.