Native American Stories


Reviewed by Maria Ortiz

This website offers a wealth of stories organized by the cultures represented. It offers many links to the stories of different tribes or Native American cultures. It also has reference to books where historical data can be found. Some of the links are to the official website to specific Native American tribes. There has been much research in putting this site together. Some of the links are to biographies of Native American storytellers and authors. This site has very informative literature on many unknown facts about the Native Americans and their storytelling skills.

This site although very useful and informative is somewhat outdated. It has not been updated since 1997. It does give a reason stating that the author of this page has passed on and therefore it is not being maintained. Although this is the case, many of the links are still working. They do ask that if anyone knows the new links to notify them.

This website does not offer a direct email address for communicating with the creator but does offer email addresses for the authors of some of the stories so that the viewer can communicate his thoughts and opinions of the story. They do state however that since this site is not being maintained they might no longer be accurate.

The authority of this website is unclear. Although many links offer very informative information and offer links to other related articles or information, we do not know much about the author who created the site. Some of the links however are to very authoritative sites like the official links to tribes.

The accuracy of this website is unclear too. There are many references in some of the sections but in others no other resources are given except when actual stories about people are being told. Contact information is given then. There are many interesting stories to be read in the links and one can become involved in all the stories for hours.
Because of the lack of maintenance, there are some dead links within the site. Again readers are asked to notify them of the new URL’s.

This site can be used as a starting site for gathering information about Native Americans. Some links provided are very authoritative where other resources or contact information can be found.